Guitarist/songwriter/producer “Pup” Donald Bolding was born in Durham, North Carolina and raised in Trenton, New Jersey where he began playing guitar as a youth at the Trenton Deliverance Center under the direction of a friend, Frank Harden. Describing the dawn of his musicianship, Pup said, ”We would play guitar for church services. I didn’t think it was a good sound at first, but after church we go over to Frank’s house and practice all day. That’s when things started to make sense.” By the time Pup reached high school, he was playing so well that he performed solo guitar on the first album recorded by the school’s Gospel Choir. 

Although Pup still calls Trenton his home, he’s made some rapid strides since those early days. Inspired by the guitar styles of Stanley Jordan, Prince, Wes Montgomery and Earl Klugh, the self-taught writer and guitarist forged a name for himself on the club scene by performing and writing songs for bands in the Trenton and tri-state area. In time he joined an R&B/ Top 40 hits band called PLEX, which is actually a slang word meaning to ‘chill out” or just have fun and relax. Of the several original compositions he wrote for PLEX, his single This Must Be Love could be heard over the airwaves of New York’s WBLS radio station. Soon after, Pup’s attention- grabbing talents succeeded in landing him gigs with artists such as Nelly, Next, Debbie Cox and Carl Thomas. Eventually, through contacts made in the recording industry, Pup began touring with Case. This opportunity allowed him to perform in major cities throughout the county; on numerous television shows, including David Letterman and The 15th Annual Soul Train Award Show and throughout Europe. 

Always on the move, Pup is thrilled about his latest musical project; a collaboration of Inspirational House Music and gospel which he is working on with legendary R&B vocalist Sarah Dash. “ This music goes back to gospel roots with a touch of urban flow, updating the older tradition.” says Pup. As for Sarah, he says, “Working with her is exciting because she is such a powerful, positive force.” Pup views this project, which is being produced on his Sway Records label, as a vehicle to display Sarah’s range of talent. In addition, Pup has become more involved in Smooth Jazz and sees a CD in the near future. 

Donald “Pup” Bolding has paid and continues to pay his dues as a musician, writer and producer. He knows something about what it takes to become successful in his business, yet he has no fear of the challenges that lie ahead. Poised and ready to do his bidding in a field of masters, the artist affirms, “I work very hard to get my music out there, I write and perform what I feel…and I have no intention of giving up.” And it is exactly this combination of talent and perseverance that sets “pup” up as an artist who consistently delivers.