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Eclipse Guitar Pack DESCRIPTION Eclipes Guitar Pack: These Construction Kits from Sway Records INC Audio offers you a great collection of 10 Hip Hop R&B-influenced Kits. Everything from Trap Hi-Hat patterns, deep basslines, and 808s, to catchy Synth hooks and,giving you many options to pull inspiration from. With 2.3 GB of original content, you’ll have tons of files to work with! As an added bonus, we’ve included files for Bass, Keys, and Synth files so that you have total control over the sound of these premium kits.

DETAILS 2.3 GB Standard Wave Files Sampel Rate 44 Bit Depth 24

Guitars Sounds Fender Stratocaster Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Fender Bass Guitar

Bass Dr -14 Sub 808 Bass Dr -10 Snares Dr -11 Hi Hats /Trap Hat - 12 Toms - 2 Crash Symbols -3 Ride Symbols -1 Shaker-1 Reverse Symbols - 3 Bass Guitar - 7 Bass Feel Guitar - 3 Keys Bass - 3 keys - 4 Guitars - 43 keys Brass Section -3 Strings -9 Hand Claps 2

All That I Need Dminor Tempo 92 Can't' NoBody Eb Minor Tempo 126 Exile Key Dminor Tempo 92 Foolish Key Bmajor7 Tempo 90 Hard Life Key Dminor Tempo 90 50 Mind X Key Eminor Tempo 95 Rain Gminor Tempo 84 50 Shinging Star Key G#Minor Tempo 89.00 Soul C#Minor Tempo 78 Time Key G#Minor Tempo 84

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